Welcome to the NZ-VR Teaching Resources

These resources are designed to enable teachers to best utilise our virtual reality video content in the classroom. 

They are suitable for use in both Primary Schools (Year 5-8) and Secondary Schools (Years 9-10) and can be adapted to suit higher or lower levels in the curriculum. The resources follow a high impact and action-oriented sequence of lessons. They use the kaupapa of Engage, Educate and Empower, with two ‘Educate’ lessons provided to cover a range of different content across Science and Social Studies. This four-lesson sequence has been purposely designed with the flexibility to allow it to be used “off-the-shelf” as a specific context within an existing Science or Social Studies unit of learning or, alternatively, it can be adapted and expanded into a broader unit of learning using other NZ-VR footage and narratives. The VR videos can be viewed on whatever devices your classroom has available – chromebooks, iPads, smartphones, desktop computers or cardboard headsets. Find out more here - Introduction to resources and curriculum links.

These lessons have been written by the BLAKE’s 2018 Environmental Educator Leith Cooper, Science Teacher at Cashmere High School.


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