Sarah Manktelow

Sarah is in her third year of a Bachelor of Science degree studying Ecology, Marine Science, and Music at the University of Otago, where she received a Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship. With a multidisciplinary degree, Sarah has been exposed to a wide range of academic literature and thought, and she is currently an active member of various university groups, including the Students for Environmental Action group.

Much of Sarah’s childhood was spent adventuring across the Aotearoa land and sea scapes, tramping, kayaking, navigating, and swimming. The initial joy Sarah received from exploring the local Kiwi backyard has transformed into a deep passion for developing a better understanding of how people interact with, depend on, and need to protect the fragile environment. Sarah has experience with wildlife conservation as a volunteer at the National Aquarium of New Zealand, as well as working alongside DOC volunteers to carry out routine Kiwi check-ups in the Kaweka Ranges.

Sarah has competed at a national level for various sports, including adventure racing and swimming, and has achieved highly in visual art, including recently receiving a Painting Excellence award at the Otago University’s Art Week. Sarah hopes to combine her strengths in ecological and marine sciences, outdoor pursuits, and artistic means, to help communicate and engage with people to promote environmental protection and sound management. Currently she is finding creative ways to communicate important environmental issues through thought-provoking art works.

Sarah is proud to be a Blake DOC Ambassador, and she plans to use her experience to be a role model for the type of sustainable future she thinks is achievable.