Erin Greenwood

Erin Greenwood, 20, is originally from Wanaka but has spent majority of her life living on a sailing boat. She is currently in her second year of study at the University of Otago, undergoing a Ecology and Marine Science degree. She has been involved in organizations such as NZ UN Youth and has learnt her passion for the ocean through her upbringing. Her aspiration is to become a marine scientist and ecologist and bring awareness to marine biodiversity levels in conjunction with climate change. 

She has a keen interest in many outdoor activities including sailing and tramping, and is passionate about Marine Science and using the skills she has so far obtained to create a positive change surrounding aspects of the environment. She is extremely proud to have been selected to be a Blake Ambassador and plans to use this experience as a tool to educate her surrounding community on the importance of our ecological future. She is passionate about helping young people understand how they can make a positive change and is grateful to have been given a platform to do so.

Erin is excited to work alongside NIWA scientists both in the field and lab and as an undergraduate student is excited to see how this experience may help her in future studies.