Emily Gordon

Emily is currently studying towards her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics at the University of Otago, and is a recipient of the University of Otago Prestige in Science Scholarship and Beverly Bursary Physics Scholarship. For her honours project, she has been investigating how large solar storms affect the already fragile ozone layer above Antarctica. For this project, she has used data collected from NIWA’s Arrival Heights and Lauder facilities along with satellite observations from NASA.

Other than her research, Emily enjoys teaching younger students in the Physics department especially when she can use it as a platform to educate students about natural and anthropogenic effects on the atmosphere. She is passionate about providing a role model for other young women hoping to succeed in science.

Emily hopes to use her Blake Ambassadorship to bring broader visibility to the important work NIWA does for New Zealand’s environment and atmosphere. Furthermore, she is excited to gain first-hand experience in data collection and processing as this will aid her future in atmospheric and climate physics.