Anna Zam

Anna is a recent graduate of the University of Auckland. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Politics and International Relations from the University of Auckland, with academic excellence and leadership awards including the University Blue. She has experience working as a Legal Research Consultant, as a Teaching and Research Assistant in International Law, and was the United Nations Youth Global Development Tour Assistant Director. She is a 2018 Global Women Young Leader and an Asia-New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network member. 

Anna is of I-Kiribati and Chinese heritage which has sparked her interest early on on environmental sustainability. She is interested in understanding culturally competent ways of engaging with indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities on climate action. Her parent’s backgrounds dealing with climate change-induced immigration, and her experiences growing up on a dairy farm in Kumeu, has informed a lot of her decisions to look into innovative solutions of sustainability for businesses. She is currently involved in the Velocity programme’s Women in Innovation group and had prior success solving a sustainability problem for Yealand’s Winery. Anna is a long time volunteer of native regeneration projects in her local community around Lake Wainamu.

Awaiting admission as a junior barrister, Anna runs CODR, a legal tech start-up. She is interested in the disruption potential of the excursion and hopes the DOC ambassadorship will raise awareness of the need for all professions to realise their role to play in the greater ecological challenge.