Adam Currie

Adam is studying Law and Environmental Politics at the University of Otago, specializing in public responses to environmental crises. He is a climate activist who also focuses on conservation issues, and his passion and love for the environment have seen him found and lead a variety of grassroots environmental organizations, co-ordinate successful campaigns, and sail on the Rainbow Warrier to bear witness to environmental degradation. Adam volunteers with the Department of Conservation, partners with Iwi and Hapu to deliver environmental programs with primary and secondary schools, and represents Forest & Bird Youth in the CBD COP 2020 global youth campaign. As a Queen Scout, Adam works to increase the presence of environmentalism inside Scouting, predominantly through its governance organization; the National Council.

Through the Blake Ambassadorship, Adam hopes to experience and learn about the methodology of protecting fresh-water fish such as the giant kōkopu, and share this knowledge through a variety of platforms in order both to spread awareness of the risks to the freshwater fish of Aotearoa, and to advocate for their protection. Adams work embodies the legacy of Sir Peter Blake and the Trust’s over-arching principles of leadership, environment and education, seeking to inspire others to become a part of the collective advocating for environmental protection.