Millie Mannering

An upbringing filled with raw adventure has given Millie the opportunity to explore some of New Zealand’s most remote coastal and alpine areas. Millie’s passion for the environment is reflected in her numerous outdoor pursuits, such as remote multi-day tramping and backcountry ski touring trips.

From a young age the enchanting marine world has captivated Millie, inspiring her to pursue Zoology and Marine Science in tertiary study. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Science at the University of Otago, where in her free time the Dunedin coastline serves as a great playground. From learning to surf to white water kayaking, scuba and free diving, Millie has gained a deep appreciation for the marine environment and its inhabitants.

Millie is humbled and extremely proud to be selected as the 2018 Blake Tara Ambassador. She plans to continue on to postgraduate study in 2019, with particular focus on marine conservation and is excited to be able to work with the group of researchers on board Tara to learn more about our oceans and the threats facing them.