Roisin Blundell-Dorey

Roisin, 17, is a year 13 student and aspiring world changer at Buller High School. Growing up with a science teacher as a father, Roisin has been introduced to the amazing world that surrounds us in a unique light. This has intensified her desire for discovery and her awe in our environment.

In January 2018, Roisin attended the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum. This opportunity opened her eyes to many possibilities of combining her skills and her passion for the environment into making a global difference. Following in her quest of growing as a person and helping others do the same Roisin is the founder of the Buller High School’s Book Club. She is an active member of the Buller High School’s Environmental group called the “Eco Warriors” and the Student Council. Roisin is also a Deputy House leader, Peer Support leader, and shall serve as Buller High Schools Head Girl for 2018.

After attending YELF (Youth EnviroLeaders' Forum) and the Climate Challenge Conference in Wellington, Roisin was inspired and ready to start a movement of positive difference. She has started influencing positive environmental change through plastic bag recycling, Tauranga Bay Conservation days and beach clean ups in her West Coast coal mining town.

Roisin is a key member of the Buller Youth Council, she hopes it’s the start of a career in combining leadership, international change and Scientific communication. “People say we are the leaders of tomorrow, but we are already the leaders of today”.