Maha Fier

Maha Fier, 15, is starting year 12 at Paraparaumu College as the head of the college’s Societal, Environmental and Animal Rights Action Group (SEAR). Living on the Kapiti Coast, she’s been surrounded by the beauty of nature in both the marine world and that on land. She’s also travelled to many different countries, including Pakistan which has given her a wider knowledge on how pollution, overpopulation and waste can affect an entire environment. This has sparked up her passion about the environment and equality which has led her to want to do everything she can to keep her community as well as the world beautiful and inspire youth to do the same.

Within SEAR, Maha helps to lead 80 volunteers within her school to work on projects and volunteering opportunities to better their community in various ways. These include volunteering for waste management at events, putting anti-litter signs around their community, setting up educational tools for students to learn more about the environment and much more!  You can follow their achievements on their instagram @searofficialnz.

She’s involved with school as a secretary for her student council, an officer for GIRL UP (a United Nations Organisation) and being a World Challenger to have gone to South Africa/Lesotho during December-January 2018 to help in a community and learn more about their culture as well as trekking up the Drakensberg Mountains.