Jorim-Paul Philips

Jorim-Paul, 17, is a budding environmentalist and videographer from Samoa. Coming from a tropical Pacific island, Jorim-Paul has always had a special love and appreciation for the environment on both a personal and cultural level.

As the former Headboy and valedictorian of Fa'atuatua Christian College, Jorim-Paul has always strived to be a positive example to others and to make a lasting difference in society. He is the founder of 'The Envirobassadors', which is a youth-based voluntary organization that engages with Samoan youth and is aimed at showing young people the importance in caring for the environment through projects such as cleanups and petitions. Their latest (and biggest) project is a petition to ban plastic bags for the whole country. In addition to this, Jorim-Paul is also a youth columnist for Samoa's national newspaper, The Samoa Observer, in which he writes articles that are often environmentally focused.

Jorim-Paul plans to pursue a career in medicine while still maintaining a passion for the environment. He also hopes to use videography and his love for travel and adventure to influence more people and to show them the beauty that is our planet; Earth.