Anzac Gallate

Anzac, 17, is completing his final year at Cashmere High School, in Christchurch, as the Head Boy for 2018. Leading up to this role, Anzac has been heavily involved with the school’s student council which works to run school events and fundraise for various causes.

Anzac additionally leads the school’s Sustainability Council. This council runs a variety of projects including energy-saving programs, native plantings, stream cleanups, water clarity testing and a variety of outreach efforts to other schools and the city-wide community. In 2016, the group was awarded the prestigious International Zayed Future Energy Prize. This was in response to the Council’s work which included a reduction of the schools' energy usage by 30%. Part of the prize also included $100,000 USD to go towards the group’s proposal. This included the installation of some 100 solar panels, a wind turbine and piezoelectric tiles (tiles that generate electricity when stepped on) within the school. Part of the Prize also included a trip to the awards ceremony in the UAE where Anzac presented to students and teachers at the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

Anzac has also presented at other events such as the Auckland Festival For The Future, the Aotearoa Climate Declaration, and the Wellington Climate Budget event. Through the Sustainability Council’s outreach program, Anzac has been able to share the values behind working towards a sustainable future with local primary and high schools, the city council, local businesses and youth events. Anzac is passionate about communicating these values to others, previously working with What Now,  getting involved with United Nations Youth, and hosting radio shows.

This year, Anzac plans to continue pursuing his passion for sustainability and community by continuing the work of the Sustainability Council, establishing new projects within the school's student council, competing within the Young Enterprise Competition and, organising other events. These include a regional climate change conference and a city-wide TEDx youth event.