Libby Liggins

Libby was the 2007/2008 Sir Peter Blake Trust Antarctic Youth Ambassador, and is now a Lecturer in Marine Ecology at Massey University, Auckland. Libby’s research focuses on understanding the colonisation and dispersal patterns of marine animals – such as fishes, urchins, and sea stars – with a particular emphasis on understanding the impact of a changing climate on species distributions and population dynamics. Since her first affiliation with the Trust, Libby has lived in Australia and the USA working on tropical and subtropical reefs of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. She has now returned home to study tropical-temperate transitions of marine communities into New Zealand waters. Libby’s first trip to the Kermadec Islands was as a mentor aboard the Inaugural Young Blake Expedition in 2012. Libby has re-visited the islands twice since, and is looking forward to continuing her research around Raoul Island with the 2018 voyage team.