Jackson Thompson

Jackson, 18, has just completed his first year of study at the University of Otago. His interest in conservation and the environment started early, with a (still developing) appreciation of the natural world throughout physical and spiritual life. During the last few years, involvement with various leadership roles has helped him to develop the important skills needed for a future in change-making endeavours. This included founding his school’s first social, environmental and animal rights group (SEAR) with the hope of encouraging other young people to think more critically about the world. His last year of school was spent tramping, climbing, biking, kayaking, and skiing around Wanaka at Mount Aspiring College.

Recently - focusing broadly on the fields of geography, politics and environmental science - his studies have helped him to grapple with some of the biggest social and environmental issues faced by this generation. He hopes to return to his studies at some point in the future.