Giselle Clarkson

Giselle is a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Wellington.

While studying Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, Giselle started tramping and fell in love with New Zealand’s wild places and wild things. This led her to volunteer for conservation projects around the country, including six months weeding on Raoul Island with the Department of Conservation.

She now uses comic story-telling to educate and engage kids and adults alike with environmental issues - whether it’s deforestation, plastic pollution, the plight of native freshwater fish, or tasmanian devil facial tumour disease. In 2016 she travelled to the subantarctic islands, creating a feature comic about the region for the NZ School Journal.

Giselle never gets tired of exploring New Zealand, from the bush out the back door to the far flung islands - there’s always something to get excited about. Sharing that excitement with others, helping to protect what’s there, and seeking the next big adventure is what gets Giselle out of bed in the morning.