Emma Betty

Emma Betty is a marine biologist and technical officer, based at Massey University’s Auckland campus. Emma is an experienced scientific diver and skipper, and is currently completing her PhD at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Emma’s research background is biology and conservation of marine mammals. Current research focuses on strandings, life history and conservation of pilot whales in New Zealand waters.

As part of the Massey University marine ecology group, Emma’s primary role on this expedition is to conduct surveys of fish (with a focus on sharks and rays) at the Kermadecs/Rangitahua using baited remote underwater video (BRUVs). During the expedition, Emma will also assist other scientists to survey and collect fish, coral, and other invertebrates. Such observations, along with museum collections, will help improve our understanding of the marine biodiversity and population connectivity of the Southwest Pacific, in the face of a changing marine environment.