The Final Day

The Final Day Featured Image

At the start of the day there’s an alarm going off every 5 minutes with barely anyone bothering to turn them off and get up. 

The odd person would get up to go for a run, yoga or coffee walk, but near the end of YELF you are so tired mentally and physically. So at 6:15am I dragged myself out of bed grabbed my towel and headed for the common room for the morning yoga session. These sessions run by former YELFie Jackson are great because you can start the day in a positive mindset, but also probe his brain and also ask him about his experiences. Breakfast and planning or presentations whizzed past and suddenly we were standing in front of the TSB Showplace and as a fellow YELFie said “thank goodness we are all wearing dark pants because then nobody can see us pissing ourselves with nervousness, all we get is a warm wet feeling”. My group was up first answering a question relating to using technology and how it can benefit the environment. Hearts beating we approached the stage and flew through our presentation stumbling on a couple of words, but pulling it off fantastically. After this we took off early trying to find gifts for the chaperones and a great team picture for Bhakti signed by all of us. Tears were shed when we presented these gifts by both chaperones and YELFies. At the end a YELFie party was a great way to wind down and relax.