Will McKay

Will is a current PhD student at the University of Auckland. His research is in aquaculture, and focusses on the production of larval giant kokopu (whitebait). Will has converted his Masters degree into a PhD programme, and is supervised by Dr Andrew Jeffs. He also works in the Research Investigations and Monitoring Unit at the Auckland Council, where he undertakes monitoring and data analysis for marine and freshwater water quality.

Will is a keen diver, free diver, and thoroughly enjoys the outdoors. The greatest scientific challenge New Zealand faces today is described by Will as the threat to New Zealand’s environmental health. Due to changes in land use and urban development, New Zealand’s waterways are in poor condition, and requires the development of new practices, technology and wider reaching education to save our sailing natural environments.

Sir Peter Blake’s legacy of educating the New Zealand public about environmental issues, is a legacy Will wants to become part of, and inspiring others to develop an understanding, appreciation, and protection for our natural environments.

Will's ambassador award is supported by NIWA.