Lisa Dowling

Lisa is a physical geography Master’s student at Victoria University of Wellington where she is involved with research in glaciology and paleoclimatology. Last summer Lisa worked alongside NIWA on a project aimed at reconstructing rainfall patterns in New Zealand using the chemical composition of fossilised insect remains. Her current research is interested in assessing long term changes in New Zealand’s climate by dating landforms created by glaciers in Mt Aspiring National Park, Southern Alps.

Glaciers, adventure and kea eating your kit, are for her just some the rewards that come with working in New Zealand’s outdoor laboratory. But Lisa’s journey as a young scientist so far has taught her that issues relating to the climate are tricky and always challenging in ways you never expect. Unfortunately, because of its complexity climate science is not always effectively shared with everybody, or incorporated into important decision making on both the individual and societal level. Lisa hopes that through her experience with NIWA and the Sir Peter Blake Trust she can help communicate some of the critical climate science being carried out today.