Saturday November 3rd, 2001

Report from Jungle Team climbing party:

Today our objective was to explore the wonders of the jungle canopy where separate mini ecosystems are found above the floor of the tropical rainforest.

The successful goal was to climb the largest tree of the Amazon, the beautiful kapok, and ascend above the tree tops to see what strange Amazonian wildlife we could find.

Upon anchoring Seamaster yesterday, one such wooden goliath was visible on the opposite shore so a plan was launched for first light this morning.

Figuring out how to get a rope over the top of the lowest branch of the tree… over 30 meters high, got the minds rolling… and then Janot produced his fishing bow and arrow. After a successful launch of a light line over the branch, a heavier climbing rope was pulled through and with climbing harnesses and ascenders attached to our bodies, we clipped on to the ropes and up we climbed.

Yesterday during reconnaissance, we were surrounded by a wandering troop of screeching monkeys jumping from treetop to treetop. Today unfortunately they were not to be seen, perhaps wary of us strange creatures entering their home.

So, no luck with monkeys, but we were able to test our tree climbing systems and skills plus the addition to our filming kit of Marc’s new helmet camera.

Now back onboard Seamaster with all team and crew safe and sound plus a little bit exhausted from the physical work, we look back and share with you some of today’s adventure from the bug ridden heat of the Amazonian rainforest canopy.

We are looking forward to sharing further “Jungle Team” adventures with you over the next few weeks.

It can only get better than this.

All the best from the Jungle Team.

Ollie, Marc, Janot, Alistair, Doc Marc, Franck and the film boys Simon and James.