Thursday October 18th, 2001

We have just crossed over from the muddy brown waters of the Amazon into the clear black of the Rio Negro.

It was like watching a giant mixer adding thick cream to coffee - with a sharp line between the two waters.

50 days since leaving Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Manaus is to starboard, a sprawling city that we will report on over the next few days.

The Rio Negro - the fourth largest river in the world, and the second biggest tributary to the Rio Amazonas, will be our “base” for the next month or so.

We plan to be in port for a few days, preparing for what lies ahead, much of it unknown.

It promises to be an exciting time.

For those of us on Seamaster, who have put up with the daily grind up-river, to be here is another peak climbed.

Our real adventures are about to begin.

We hope that you will be onboard with us.

All the best from the Seamaster crew.

Kind regards,