Kilali Gibson

Kilali is originally from Hawai'i where she grew up surfing, scuba diving, and performing as a Polynesian dancer. She has since moved to New Zealand where she has completed her Bachelor's degree in Biological Science at the University of Canterbury. Along with 4 other students, Kilali was apart of the 'Bee Team' as they successfully won the University of Canterbury's 21 Day Challenge by proposing a bee keeping cooperative for a typhoon hit community. They were rewarded the opportunity to fly to the Philippines to put their project into action. Kilali then spent the 2015-16 summer conducting research on seagrass within the Avon Heathcote estuary and is continuing to monitor some of the projects. She is in her last month of her Master's program at Victoria University where she will receive a degree in Marine Conservation. Through this degree she has had the opportunity to study the zooplankton and hydrodynamics of Doubtful Sound, snorkel among pristine coral reefs in Indonesia, and is currently researching the effects of climate change on an Antarctic clam species. When she's not doing Uni related study she works as a ranger at the Wellington Zoo providing talks for visitors and looking after groups of children.