Annika Andresen

Annika, 22, is currently studying a Masters of Architecture at the University of Auckland. Through her architecture and design, Annika is investigating ways to engage the public and help shape people’s understanding and behaviour towards the environment.

From a young age she spent her summers sailing around New Zealand and became captivated by the sea and the life she found within it. During her studies Annika started work at Dive Tutukaka where she continued her scuba diving training to become a divemaster. She now works as a dive guide leading expeditions around the Poor Knights and shares the importance of marine conservation, introducing new experiences and expanding divers’ knowledge of the ocean. Annika also works at the Kelly Tarltons Aquarium as an aquarist, looking after the fish, conducting public presentations and taking customers into the shark tank.

Annika has a passion for adventure and jumps at every opportunity that is presented to her. She has been President of the Auckland University Underwater Club, a trainee on the Spirit of Adventure voyage and volunteered for Experiencing Marine Reserves. Using her natural enthusiasm and infectious personality, Annika wants to inspire those around her and share her passion for the environment.