Monday December 25th, 2000

James and Nick were really excited about today being Christmas day. Ollie prepared eggs benedict for breakfast and later the main meal of the day - roast, stuffed turkeys with ALL the trimmings. I made a point of selecting some suitable wines.

Looking out from on deck at 0120hrs (in the morning) - the sky was quite light to the south, over the top of the frozen mountains, and it wasn't too cold (around 5 degrees C). There was hardly any wind ruffling the waters where we sat - far away from any ocean swell. The silence was intense. It was a great way to start our Christmas morning.

Santa arrived by RIB from the shore, with red outfit and flowing white beard, booming 'ho ho ho' and with presents for all - but you had to sit on his knee before you got one. A great meal started at 3.30 pm and finished late with some of us in bed and some dancing to very loud music in the saloon.