John Evans

John flew to Antarctica on 27th October, 2011 with the Antarctic Heritage Trust team and spent the summer carrying out restoration work on Sir Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod hut at Cape Royds and Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova hut at Cape Evans as part of the Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project.

"It is a century since Scott embarked on the British Antarctic Expedition, and the Antarctic Heritage Trust will be completing the restoration of Scott's Terra Nova hut this year. Being able to contribute to the restoration and preservation of the heritage sites on Ross Island is an honour, and visiting the continent will allow me to be a part of the preservation of Antarctica's history. In doing so, I gained a first hand, in-depth understanding of the explorers, their expeditions and the global geographic and scientific significance of Antarctica." John Evans

The Antarctic Heritage Trust's Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project is a long-term, cold climate heritage project to conserve four expedition sites and over 15,000 associated artefacts. The project presents many technical challenges including katabatic winds, high relative humidity, temperature change, salt damage and light levels.

The physical conservation of the sites began during the summer of 2003/04 and since 2006 the Trust has been working year round in Antarctica. Work to secure Sir Ernest Shackleton's base and the 5,000+ artefact collection is all but complete and work is now focused on saving the base associated with Captain Scott's 1911attempt for the South Pole. The other two sites being conserved as part of the Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project are Robert Falcon Scott's Discovery expedition base at Hut Point and Carsten Borchgrevink's expedition base at Cape Adare.