Blake Hornblow

Growing up in Nelson with National parks as close as thirty minutes away my family and I love the outdoors, Tramping, Snorkelling, Kayaking has lead me to love the environment and all life that can be found, I have always wanted to do my part to keep the environment just how I found it. I love the Ocean, and love to dive and spearfish, while doing this I was always conscious of size and limits of fish. My family and I go to the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve every year and are always amazed by the amount and diversity of ocean life that occurs there. At Nelson College I was a member of the environmental group, working on things we could to reduce our impact on the environment, recycling and tree planting projects to name a few. As a part of the Nelson Youth Council I helped organize tree and dune plantings for local youth to become involved in putting something back into the environment. I am now studying marine science as well as an engineering bachelor of science at the University of Otago, and plan to learn more New Zealand's unique marine environment and sustainable energy sources for New Zealand.

I have been a part of many Outdoor pursuits and consider myself experienced in the outdoors, growing up in family of experienced adventurers, I have gained knowledge and skills from many weekends and holidays spent in the mountains or on the sea.

New Zealand has many scientific challenges but I think the main one is creating a sustainable future. A sustainable ecosystem and a sustainable source of energy, food and water. I think that science can provide an answer to this problem.

Sir Peter Blake's legacy is still one I strive to live up to, his passion for adventure and the environment are values that I hold in high regard. I have always had a love for the outdoors, and with Kayaking and Climbing I have found so much enjoyment and still do, but now I have chosen to pursue a scientific career at Otago University, due to my passion for learning and getting an understanding of the world we live in.

Blake Hornblow participated in the RV Tangaroa Voyage conducting whale research and demerasal trawling in the Southern Ocean and Ross Sea as a 2014 Blake NIWA Ambassador.