Angus Watson

With my running sneakers I have summited snowy peaks, with spare change I have traveled hours in the undercarriage of a bus and with vague, scribbled maps I have macheted my way through miles of jungle trails. I live and breathe adventure. My passion for pushing the boundaries, while protecting our beautiful planet, is what has driven me to pursue a career dedicated to developing sustainable energy systems.

A degree in Mechatronics Engineering (a combination of the mechanical, electrical and software engineering degrees) has encouraged me to develop the skill of thinking outside the square when considering complex issues. How can we harness energy sustainably? How can we find clean water for the masses? Already I have been able to apply my university knowledge at Tegel Foods Ltd to reduce hot water wastage.

"Once in a lifetime opportunity" is an overused term, but this opportunity fully deserves the title. Kelly Tarltons at seven years old prompted me to dream of walking on the Antarctic ice but the possibility to live and even run a marathon on it is icing on the cake!