Our complex world: a scientific lens

Our complex world: a scientific lens Featured Image

Our world is undoubtedly complex. Yet, our curiosity for understanding and uncovering its enigma prevails regardless of its sheer magnitude. The symbiosis between human psyche with the perplexing labyrinth of the world, was how I came to understand the value in scientific inquiry – not only to answer to the present and past, but also, to pose questions for the future; that is what YELF 2016 taught me.

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Our inclination to see science as a frigid, sterile, unemotional discipline is wrong; thus, so was I. What YELF showed me was the dynamic vibrancy, the passionate love, the endearing questioners (and answerers) that underpin science and its scientists.

Our visit to the Cawthron Institute showed how science provides us with a lens to evaluate the scope of environmental change and the scope yet to be known or understood. It gave us insight into how minute, seemingly insignificant empty values by naught-point-one on a pH scale could behold such visible significance to the life in our oceans. This understanding otherwise impossible without science and the curiosity, love and passion of the scientists which explore the unknowns, manifested with our understanding of marine biology and its interconnections with our lives exemplifies the multifaceted integrity of science.

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Our tour of the SPATNZ headquarters demonstrated how science catalyses innovation to address the problems we face. Ultimately, it exhibits how science and innovation will underpin our economy and social well-being, shedding light into the coexistence of between our lives and the science that encompasses it.

Our understanding, driven by humanity, love, curiosity and passion, provides insight into how science is a vessel to answer our questions and question our answers. This union between mankind and science has kindled meaning and understanding into our lives; it’s now up to us to further the boundaries of the known and the unknown to nurture our environment that has nurtured us.