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It is hard to express my time at YELF in words. It was an experience that I will hold dear for the rest of my life, and what I have to thank for a wealth of new knowledge, skills and friends. I learnt an astonishing amount beyond what I thought possible on this trip, from the evening seminar on media to the rich and vibrant marine reserve debate to the extensive background in running or establishing a pest-free sanctuary. The people were simply fantastic. The chaperones and managers themselves are without comparison, each unique and thoroughly capable in doing the job and so much more; connecting with and inspiring my fellow delegates and I.

The delegates, who I can now call close friends, were impeccable, each in their own right amazing people with stories from around New Zealand that never ceased to amaze me. The amount of good it does to be surrounded by such enthused, inspirational and like-minded people is indescribable. I am endlessly thankful for such an opportunity to learn new and wonderful things that I can implement back at home, and partake in such an enriching and enjoyable experience, so thank you to anyone and everyone that helped make it happen, you are truly special people from whom I draw great inspiration to do great things.