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Joining YELF 2016 has been a great experience as a chaperone, and someone who is rooting for Environmental Interest. The cultural value and environmental value integrated into one learning habitat is just awesome! I wasn’t quite sure what was in store for me when I left home to come to NZ. But from day one, it’s just been great learning and fun activities. The sharing of knowledge and wisdom amongst young leaders is so powerful and motivating. An energy that can only be produced in YELF.

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One of the most memorable moment was the sharing of Maori culture with our group, which included people of many ethnicities…words can’t explain that soul lifting moment…you just gotta be there to witness it….a lot of exciting moments and breath-taking adventures. Things that just makes you happy. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

The amount of knowledge, love, and energy is just overwhelming. I am definitely excited to bring home my experience to share with my fellow Palauans. The forum will always be a great reference in my future endeavors.

#believeyoucan…the most definite quote…it will lead to great things…I’m sure!

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