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Joe’s good yarns; Ariana being plastic free; Omar coming from Palau...

We all have our own thing, something that makes us special and unique that others remember about us. For me it was my cowboy hat that I wore every day on camp, for Jonas it was his mad guitar skills, for Liam it was his breakdancing, for Jamie it was his love of frogs, for Emma it was her ability to be constantly happy and for Sir Peter Blake it was his ability to lead. Each of us have something that makes us special however what I realised on YELF is that in fact we all have the ability to be a leader, but we do it in different ways.

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This was one of the most important things that I learnt on YELF. I learnt what it meant to be leader, I learnt that leading isn’t always the person who makes speeches but leadership is the person who leads from the back and makes sure that each and every one is fully involved. Jacob for me was the prime example of this. He is man with a lot of wisdom to offer, and I think as young people that is the greatest gift that people can offer.

What I have come to realise is that we as young people have the power to change the world that we live in. I think as a child you see adults making important decisions, but this camp has made me realise that the future now lies in our hands. There are many quotes about starting small and then bringing about greater social change and I think that is very true. The example of Sir Peter Blake rings true with this, he was one man who inspired a whole nation not only about sailing but also about the environment. “The power is now in our hands, we just have to dream big and make it happen”. This was a quote from the camp that has really stuck with me and really helped to shaped how I now see the world.

YELF has made we realise that there are so many hours in the day we just need to seize them and make the most of time we have, as young leaders. Each of us will be continued to be inspired by people like; Hannah, Nick, Jacob and many others, to get out in our local communities and start making a difference. So if we are leaders who wear cowboy hats, or play the guitar or dance, we can still bring about change no matter how big or small, in our own unique way.