Andrew Coy

Dr Andrew Coy is the CEO of one of the country’s leading high-tech companies, Magritek Ltd, and has built a team that managed to net multimillion dollar international sales in 2010.

Andrew has a genius for breaking down barriers between the disciplines of academia and business, science and engineering, and Magritek makes magnetic resonance systems, similar to MRI systems used in hospitals, using magnets and radio waves to detect and measure liquids in substances for industrial, research and development and education customers. Under Andrew’s leadership, Magritek has won numerous plaudits including being a finalist in the Exporter of the Year category in the 2011 New Zealand High Technology Awards and was one of the team who won the 2010 Prime Minister's Science Prize.

His great talent has been to demonstrate how it is possible to build a valuable new high-tech export business based on sophisticated New Zealand-generated scientific and engineering intellectual property. He exercises inspiring leadership which traverses an understanding of science, technology, markets and customers. He’s a technology entrepreneur of rare talent.

A good leader makes a real difference by helping everyone in the team appreciate what they can achieve together when they all focus in the same direction and work to achieve the same goal. I have been very fortunate to be in teams with people who are so brilliant at what they do, that we achieve the most amazing things together, and it makes me appear far better than I am. ”