Alfred Ngaro

Alfred Ngaro is a respected leader in a number of community-led development projects encompassing education, health and social issues such as youth development, anti-violence campaigns and positive parenting projects. His strength in uniting groups with diverse interests and providing creative solutions is demonstrated with his key role in the proposed Tamaki Transformation Project.

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Described as the most innovative social renewal project in New Zealand, this government-led project involves major changes to the East Auckland communities of Point England, Glen Innes and Panmure where fifty-five per cent of the homes are state-owned and progressively due to be modernised.

His initiatives include creating the role of community commentators, now recognised as part of the Tamaki Transformation Project governance structure, and the introduction of community specialists to the various work streams such as housing, social services and economic development to ensure local expertise is recognised and a community mandate established.

In 2011, Alfred became a member of Parliament and is the first Cook Islander to be selected to Parliament in New Zealand.

The world of leadership and opportunity is not as far away from us all as we may think. Everyday people can take up leadership opportunities to stand for or against the things they believe in. It’s all about being the best at who we are and that starts with our own attitude to change. ”