Simran Rughani

Simran, 17, just completed Year 13 at Birkenhead College on the North Shore in Auckland. Simran was the special projects coordinator for the school’s 2015 Arts Council, has been captain of her Netball team for the past few consecutive years and was a senior leader in the choir and environmental group. Not only was Simran a leader in the school but she has a strong sense of community, being awarded the Rotary community services trophy in 2015 and gives back by working at a local after school and holiday care program. In 2015, Simran started the process of establishing an Auckland Youth Environmental Council with peers from around Auckland City. Simran is passionate for the environment and believes that we need to take actions to protect our natural resources and environment if we have any chance of appreciating it in the future. She is hoping to further her environmental awareness by majoring in either Environmental Studies or Environmental Science in a conjoint degree at Victoria University over the course of the next few years.