Shay Van Der Hurk

Shay van der Hurk is a Community Supervisor in DOC’s Murihiku District, which is responsible for the Sub-Antarctic Islands. Shay's role with DOC includes supervising a team working with community groups on conservation project across Southland ranging from pest control to environmental education, the team also works on permits and advocacy through the resource consent process to protect and preserve the really special species and ecosystems in Southland and the Sub-Antarctics.

Before joining the Murihiku DOC team based in Invercargill Shay worked for DOC in Dunedin, where he led the construction of the Philip Cox Memorial Hut along with the districts track maintenance work. Prior to this he spent time with the Biodiversity team there working to protect Otago’s rare and special native fish. After training in Nelson, in his first real job as a Trainee Ranger, Shay designed a database to manage Conservation Covenant inspections and joined the Coastal Otago team on the beaches and in the beech forests of Coastal Otago looking after yellow-eyed penguins and mohua.

Through his involvement in this work Shay has developed a sound understanding of Conservation values, effects management, species monitoring, pest control and project and infrastructure management. Shay's role on the Auckland Islands voyage will be to pass on the story of Conservation work happening in the Sub-Antarctic Islands, as well as Quarantine for all of the trips ashore.