Shahin Najak

Shahin, 16, is a student at Lynfield College in Auckland. From Y9 she has played an active role in Lynfield College's Human and Environmental Rights Committee by reaching vice chairperson in y11 and to take over as chairperson in Y12. Her first successful campaign was in 2013 with the banning of Shark Finning petition at Lynfield College and since then, with the help of the committee focused on multiple issues and run multiple tree planting sessions with the wider school community. With her skills of debating and hockey, she tries to keep an active and balanced lifestyle between school and her love for the outdoors. Shahin believes that one of the most important issues of this time is to be able to sustain a large population without resulting in the depletion of natural resources. This can be achieved with youth playing active roles in the development of the cities and countries that they live in and gaining a greater understanding of the science that plays a defining role in the world we live in.