Craig Cary

Professor Craig Cary is a microbial ecologist turned molecular geneticist and a professor in Biological Sciences at the University of Waikato and Deputy Director of the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute. His research for more than 20 years has focused on studying microbial life in extreme environments. He has participated on 29 deep-sea expeditions to the hydrothermal vents including many dives in research submersibles. His work includes 11 seasons in Antarctica to study microbial life in the Dry Valleys, thought to be the coldest, driest place on earth, and in the high temperature soils on the summit of Mt. Erebus, the most southern active volcano on the planet. Craig is the Principle Scientist leading the current government sponsored DryVER project, and the Theme leader for the Human Impact Team that will be investigating the extent, and longevity of human impact on the Dry Valley ecosystem.