Ben Pigott

Ben, (18) has just finished year 13 at Palmerston North Boys’ High School. Whilst there he was a prefect and contributed to the schools outdoor education programmes through assisting on numerous school camps. He was in charge of the schools environmental group, and a volunteer day at Zealandia with several other schools was a highlight of the group’s success. He has successfully completed Gold Duke of Edinburgh and has been on a three week Outward Bound course and these have both helped develop his passion for the outdoors.

In his spare time, Ben is always out somewhere in New Zealand’s backcountry. Whether this is hunting, tramping or back country fly fishing there is always an excuse to get out and see the amazing environment that is here in New Zealand. Through these trips, he has started to appreciate how diverse and unique our flora and fauna are and the help they require against invasive and destructive pests.

Ben works part time at a native bird and wildlife park called Owlcatraz. It is here that he has developed a passion for helping with endangered species through working with North Island Weka. He has helped expand the parks breeding programme by caring for several North Island Weka pairs and hopes to see these cheeky, but endangered birds back in high numbers in the North Island.

Ben is currently enrolled at Massey University to do a double major in Earth Science and Ecology, and will be focusing his love for the outdoors into an environmental based career.