Welcome to the NZ-VR Fishing resources

These resources have been developed to support teachers in using our underwater virtual reality video content in the classroom. This set of teaching resources uses the context of Fishing to explore a range of Science and Social Studies kaupapa for primary and secondary schools. The unit consists of a four-lesson sequence with a powerpoint for teachers for each lesson, plus a full set of student worksheets to complement each lesson. The four-lesson teaching sequence covers:

1) Engage - uses the NZ-VR footage to get students experiencing and excited about NZ marine reserves 
2) Educate - compares and contrasts pristine marine environments with degraded ones, exploring marine food webs to explain kina barrens and equip students with core science knowledge to be able to take appropriate action 
3) Educate - explores the impact of fishing in NZ to equip students with core social studies knowledge to be able to take appropriate action 
4) Empower - encourages and enables students to take appropriate action  

Note: Science teachers can focus more on lessons 1,2,4 and Social Studies on 1,3,4, or a more blended approach can cover both.

The VR Fishing videos can be viewed here on whatever devices your classroom has available – chromebooks, iPads, smartphones, desktop computers or cardboard headsets.