Connect your Classroom

From 26 February – 9 March 2018, 20 student voyagers, and 25 adult crew members, will embark on an expedition to the Kermadec Islands on board HMNZS Canterbury. One of the most remote and biodiverse spots on the planet, this untouched region has much to teach NZ and the world around climate change and ocean health.

Our amazing student voyagers from across NZ are enthusiastic and rearing to go. They would love to share their experience with the students at your school, so they too can be part of the adventure and learn about this unique subtropical region.


Classrooms and students can connect and engage in Young Blake Expeditions by:

  • Following blogs, videos, photo galleries, and social media on this website
  • ‘Ask an Explorer’ provides an opportunity for students to ask question of our Explorer of the Day and to have these answered
  • 'Phone an Explorer' gives you the opportunity to schedule a phone call (via satellite phone from the Kermadecs) with one of our explorers
  • An archive of information, video and teaching resources will be uploaded regularly to the website and social channels

To book a phone call with an Explorer, email with the following information:

- Teacher's Name
- School
- Students' age
- Class size
- Phone number to call (ideally teacher's mobile)
- Preferred day/time of call (please give 2 options)
- Connection to the expedition (eg. any particular explorer you'd like to speak to and why)
- Particular area/s of interest (if any)

Background information for Satellite calls:

Phone calls will not always be possible at your preferred days/times, depending on the activity of the Explorers. Satellite connection can be intermittent in the Kermadecs, and while we will do our best to prevent any disruption, there is a small chance the phone call may not connect properly on the day. While we will endeavour to connect you to your explorer of choice, this may not always be possible depending on their location on the day. Please note that the average call will take around 5-10 minutes.