BLAKE Antarctica New Zealand / GNS Ambassador – Environment and Climate

Location: Antarctica

Join an international team to measure the greenhouse gas potential trapped in Antarctica’s permafrost (perennially frozen ground). Learn about geophysical techniques and contribute to the international effort to understand the full challenge of climate change from natural feedbacks in greenhouse gas emissions. Applicants should be numerate with computer skills and be familiar with working in remote and cold environments. Applicants will deploy to Antarctica for 7 weeks. Applicants should have an interest in earth and environmental science. Applicants will need to be good team players and have strong communication skills. Long days of fieldwork, long distance walking carrying a pack and some heavy lifting will be required. Applicants will also be required to pass an Antarctica New Zealand medical.

The Ambassador will:

  • Assist will an electrical resistivity survey
  • Camp in below zero conditions for a month
  • Conduct water and soil sampling
  • Assist with data processing
  • Assist with sample analysis at Scott Base

Time frame: Early December 2019 to early February 2020 (7 weeks) in Antarctica.

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