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Since 2007 BLAKE, in partnership with Antarctica New Zealand, NIWA, Tara Expeditions Foundation and the Department of Conservation - has provided opportunities for young New Zealanders (18 – 25 years) to work on projects in Antarctica, the Southern, Southwest Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and New Zealand through the BLAKE Ambassador Programme. These BLAKE Ambassadors have worked alongside teams of scientists, conservationists, engineers and conservators on environmental and heritage restoration projects to advance our understanding and address some of the big environmental questions and challenges facing society.

BLAKE Ambassadors

We are interested in extraordinary story tellers that use new and novel ways to communicate important environmental issues. Strong applications will have the right balance between applied skills for the Ambassadorship and the ability to explain how they may use our interactive platforms and other tools for high impact.

Applications are open to New Zealand citizens and residents only.

Details about each of the awards are described below. The link to the application page is at the bottom. 

BLAKE Antarctica New Zealand / GNS Ambassador - Environment and Climate

Antarctica New Zealand is the government agency charged with carrying out New Zealand’s activities in Antarctica; supporting world leading science and environmental protection. Their vision is: Antarctica and the Southern Ocean – Valued, Protected, and Understood. We work to ensure that Antarctica’s environment continues to be protected, that scientists are supported to find the answers to complex scientific questions, and that science outcomes are communicated back to policy makers and the public.

GNS Science, Te Pū Ao, is New Zealand’s leading provider of Earth, geoscience and isotope research and consultancy services. 

The Ambassador will join an international team to measure the greenhouse gas potential trapped in Antarctica’s permafrost (perennially frozen ground).

Details about the BLAKE Antarctic Ambassador Award can be found here.

BLAKE NIWA Ambassador

NIWA is New Zealand’s largest provider of climate, atmospheric, ocean and freshwater sciences. Approximately half of its effort is in developing new knowledge and the other half is in applying it. NIWA’s areas of expertise cover: Coasts and Oceans, Freshwater and Estuaries, Climate, Atmosphere and Weather.

Details about the BLAKE NIWA Ambassador Awards can be found here.

BLAKE DOC Ambassador

DOC's vision is for New Zealand to be the greatest living space on Earth - Kāore he wāhi i tua atu i a Aotearoa, hei wahi noho i te ao. This vision means ensuring that New Zealanders gain a wide range of benefits from healthy functioning ecosystems, recreation opportunities, and through living DOC's history.

To do this, DOC organise their work around five outcomes:

  • the diversity of our natural heritage is maintained and restored
  • our history is protected and brought to life
  • more people participate in recreation
  • more people engage with conservation and value its benefits
  • conservation gains from more business partnerships

Details about the BLAKE DOC Ambassador Awards can be found here.

If you have any questions about the Blake Ambassador Programme or the application process please contact :

Jacob Anderson
Programme Manager
(09) 307 8875 

Applications for 2019/20

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